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Partizánske2019 I recommend to build with this company, I only have the best experience ... Willingness, access, communication from the beginning to the end of construction. Formans crew is well coordinated, everyone knows what to do. The only thing I missed was to consult the project with the designer before signing the contract. Thanks to all who have worked with us. Partizánske, 2019 Košice2015 If we are to express our satisfaction, we must start from the first contact. At the time of deciding on the material and construction of the building, we requested a personal meeting with the company. We were kindly received, the procedures were explained in detail during the implementation, and we even had the opportunity to see for ourselves what a building looks like and how one feels in it. I believe that this approach is due to the fact that we have decided to implement the construction through your company. We were even looking at the implementation of construction in our neighbourhood. Since the beginning of the contact, we have communicated to each other about all necessary details, also during the implementation. We also tried to be helpful and cooperative in implementation. There is nothing we should criticize, whether the employees themselves who worked on the construction site or their management. Even minor deficiencies were taken as part of the process and were always resolved to our satisfaction. So our overall rating is more than positive. We wish your company and all employees much success in their future work. Thank you very much for your work and your approach. Košice, 2015 V.Krtis2018 I recommend! Quality and fast assembly. Bare house, really build in two to three days, perfect. After not even a year now we live in our new ceramic house. Especially thanks to the site manager who was always willing to advise, help. Thank you again. Veľký Krtíš, 2018 Myjava2018 We want to commend the business department's cooperation, right from the start, when we chose your Silicateworld company to build our bungalow. They were accommodating,. Everyone met us in our requirements, which have not changed once, as the house was designed according to our design. You've made all the adjustments we've made afterwards without reservations and tried to meet our requirements. I also thank Implementation Group 4 for a good job. When I asked something about the construction, they had no problem explaining it to me. They did the build so well, I have no reservations about them. During construction I was at the construction site, which I recommend to other customers. I am satisfied and recommend SW. Myjava, 2018 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses I would like to comment on the completed realization of the eco-ceramic house in Trenčín region. First of all, I have to commend the speed of construction, which took a really short time, much less than I expected .. Almost the entire construction went as it should, flawlessly. The guys who participated in the implementation I have to commend, they did a great job and especially praise for the site engineer who willingly answered everything and was for me all the time the pointof contact. I would also like to commend the sales department for demonstration, communication and, last but not least, I would like to point out a gentleman from the implementation department, who is doing his job incredibly well, for which I thank him very much. Myjava, 2018 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses We have purchased a house manufactured by your company. With this letter, we want to express our appreciation for an excellent product. As users we are pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with the house. We thank you for this option, because we saved not only on investment but also on operating costs. We now live in a house that has excellent heat-insulating properties, very good hygiene and we feel very good. Thank you again. We agree that these honest words of recognition should also be used to promote your product, as it would be very appropriate for the general public to learn about this excellent building system. Čaňa, 2014 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses I had 3 reasons for building a ceramic house from Ceramic Houses: excellent thermal insulation properties, excellent sound insulation properties and speed and efficiency of construction. The construction of the house confirmed my assumptions. I've lived in it since 2012 and I'm really happy. When logging in to SPP according to the dimensions of the house, gas costs 100 € per month. The training costs are halved. Nitra, 2012 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses Ceramic Houses fulfilled my dream of a low-energy house quickly, cheaply and without worries. Professional communication with the business and project department was the cornerstone in the creation of an individual project, which I had in the price of the house. The realization of the foundation slab and the rough construction was easy. On the day my daughter Alexandra was born, the first walls of our common home were laid and I could keep my daughter in my arms. Thank you for your phone and personal congratulations to the company - I was very pleased. I can certainly recommend it to anyone who is considering brick or similar construction. Just a few calculations and it is decided.Ceramic Houses Good Job. Podunajske Biskupice, 2017 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses Thank you very much. The guys are clever, and despite the bad weather they managed it all - handed in 5 days. Everything went as we should, we are very satisfied! Thank you again. Nové Mesto nad Váhom, 2017 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses We are satisfied, the construction of the house was fast. We liked that we could make changes to the project. We chose the ceramic house because it is low-energy and we will not have to heat that much. It will reflect on lower energy consumption. The house has thin walls, which makes it look small, but there is enough space inside. We are glad that we have made this decision. Friends and acquaintances also like our house. We also thank two groups of boys and their construction managers. We also thank you all. Kamenec nad Vtáčnikom, 2017 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses I built a triple house made of ceramic composite in 2010. The construction was fast and meant significant savings of time and money for me. Apart from the minor adjustments needed to correct normal wear and tear, the house is in excellent condition, and I have not had any extra expenses with it. My decision to build a house from an, at that time, almost unknown technology was the right one, and I would definitely opt for such a house again. Last year in winter we accidentally lost heating. We were worried because it was -10 C outside. To our great surprise in 24 hours, the temperature dropped by only 1 C inside. Technology is unmatched. Budapešť, 2010 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses Ceramic Houses was built by us more than a year ago. We adapted the project according to our own ideas, which was a great advantage for us and a decisive plus for this technology. Monthly energy costs using ceiling infrared panels have cost us € 80 in the last period with a built-up area of ​​over 120 m2. We can confirm that ceramic walls not only reduce heating costs in winter, but also in the summer there is no overheating of the house. We almost did not even have to use the air conditioning in the summer. Great choice, we can definitely recommend! Skalica, 2016 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses I ordered a house from Ceramic Houses. Since I have worked in a company as a designer before, I know technology and its benefits. I was also able to make the project documentation and the base plate myself. So I had nothing to consider when choosing construction. Certainly, recommend to others! Topoľčany, 2017 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses Although I had not heard about the technology and the possibility of building a ceramic house before, this idea and the whole product immediately inspired me. All the advantages and positives just convinced me that I want exactly this house. The possibility of customizing the project precisely according to requirements, flexibility in the scope of delivery, speed of construction and overall communication with the company subsequently only confirmed that my choice was the right one. I am very satisfied with my new house and cooperation with Ceramic Houses. Well, thank you! Bratislava, 2017 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses In this way, I would like to confirm that our cooperation was smooth. I was satisfied with the quality of the work and the price of the work. Košice, 2015 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses Our first demand for construction was a prefabricated timber house, in which we considered all pros and cons for a long time, until we found the technology of ceramic composite on the internet. This technology and the price: quality ratio clearly won. In our country, they are the best on the market. Modifying the catalogue house to our liking was a matter of course for the company. The cooperation with the company is also accommodating, hassle-free and at a high level. For all who plan to build a house, we recommend a prefabricated house with ceramic composite technology, as it is made of purely natural materials and is mainly low-energy, which will also save in the long run. Partizánske, 2017 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses For heating and hot water I use only electricity and after about 2 years of living the cost of electricity is 83 € / month for a family of three. The building material + insulation is fantastic, the material used does not absorb water, but is airy. The price ratio for turnkey construction is very good. Financing of the building is realized and divided in steps (no advance payments), what was actually built, it subsequently paid off, which I think is very important for young families who take credit and have a gradual refinancing of the building from the bank. In the construction of the house, I suggested the layout of doors, there was a change of classic windows to sliding doors, and the shift of the partition and the company responded to each change graciously. Hrušovany, 2013 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses The price of our house with an area of ​​10x8m was very acceptable for us, also because we had our own land and we built the house - interior, exterior on a turnkey basis, because the husband could do a lot of work alone. We have been living in the house for 4 years and the costs are incredible. I took into account the 3 years actually spent: the gas consumption we use for heating heat, for hot water and for cooking cook it for an average of € 24.27 per month. In addition to gas heating, we also heat with a stove. At that time we do not heat with gas, then it costs us about € 9.00 per month. Electricity consumption for lighting, waterworks - pumping water for watering and, in addition, electric heating of an older summer kitchen is on average for one month € 30.82. Water consumption for two family members is 7.69 € per month, ie together: 24.27 + 9.00 + 30.82 + 7.69 = 71.78 € / month. Dolná Krupá, 2012 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses I have been building houses for the last 25 years. Within my company I built and reconstructed 19 family houses and production plants in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. It has always been classical methods with certain specifics according to the type of construction or reconstruction. As I am familiar with the construction industry, I was also interested in modern construction of family houses made of ceramic prefabricated elements. Therefore, I decided to build my 20th house precisely because of the advantages of the material used, but also for the speed of implementation. Within two weeks, the house was manufactured exactly according to my project and the plan prepared by the contractor. Subsequently, its assembly was realized in three days. Construction of a family house with the technology of ceramic prefabricated parts saved me several months of time and moreover it was much more economical. Poprad, 2015 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses The house of this kind built in White Humence is the first and is unique in its technology. I can say that citizens really like the house. Evidence of this is the fact that someone always stops me with the question: ""that nice little house there is yours?"" In the village even when it is small, they watched with interest the work of your employees and the overall construction of the house. They also studied and evaluated the technology of ceramic houses of the company SW, as comfortable and very interesting from the point of view of the requirements of the present. Bilkove Humence, 2016 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses I particularly appreciate the high work commitment of all members of the work team and the exceptional efforts and ability of the site manager to be flexible, efficient, prudent and responsible for solving the problems that arise during the implementation work. The workers I have had the opportunity to meet during the build iare a credit to Ceramic Houses. Krompachy, 2017 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses We use houses for rent, but customers feel at home. The finished building is indistinguishable from other classic brick houses. Especially advantageous was their fast implementation and price. Ružomberok, 2011 Keramický dom, bungalov od Ceramic Houses We are rented, so we decided to buy a house. Compared to the price of purchasing an older house did not pay, so we decided to build a new home - turnkey. We were interested in the offer from Ceramic Houses. We got in touch with them, and we are delighted that the company met us. We are happy to address them, thank them for everything they do for us. Trnava, 2017